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·             Establishing BCV Pairs. 4




·        Establishing BCV Pairs 



Uses for BCV copies (TimeFinder mirroring) can include backup, restore, decision support, and application testing. After configuration and initialization of a Symmetrix array, BCV devices contain no data. The full establish operation must be used the first time the standard devices are paired with their BCV devices.  (For an incremental establish operation, see step note 5.)


This procedure is based on content from the following EMC manual:

·         EMC Solutions Enabler Symmetrix TimeFinder Family Product Guide


You can download the guide from EMC Online Support (registration required):




Associate the BCV for pairing

To perform TimeFinder mirroring or standard/BCV pairing, the standard and BCV mirror devices of your production images must be members of the same device group.  Initially, for the creation of given standard/BCV pair, the potential BCV device must first be associated with an existing device or device group. When you associate a BCV device with a standard device, you can assign it a logical device name. If not, a logical device name gets assigned automatically. You can explicitly associate one BCV to a standard device or a range of BCVs to the working TimeFinder device group.


To associate BCV001 with device 001F, enter:

  symbcv –g DgName [–sid SymmID] associate dev 001F BCV001


Or to associate a range of devices to a device group, enter:


symbcv –g DgName [–sid SymmID] associateall dev –RANGE 087:08A




Full Establish the pair

To obtain a copy of the data on a standard device, the BCV device of the pair must be established.


To initiate a full establish on a specific standard/BCV device pair, target the standard device and enter:

  symmir –g DgName –full establish DEV001



Full Establish all pairs in a group

To initiate a full establish on all BCV pairs in a device group, enter:

  symmir –g DgName –full establish



Verify the establish operation completes (Synchronized)

To verify when the BCV pairs reach the full copied or Synchronized state, use the verify action as follows:


 symmir –g DgName –i 30 verify


With this interval and count, the message is displayed every 30 seconds until the pair is established.



Note: Incremental Establish and other options

After any standard/BCV pair has been fully established and subsequently split, to save establish (resync) time, you can perform an establish operation omitting the -full option, which updates the BCV copy with only the changed tracks that occurred on the standard device during the elapsed BCV split time. To perform an incremental establish, omit the –full option, targeting the standard device of the pair:

   symmir -g DgName establish DEV001


Optionally, you can also collectively target all devices in a device group, composite group, or defined devices in a device file:

  symmir –g DgName establish [-full]

  symmir –g CgName establish [-full]

    symmir –sid SymmID –file FileName establish [-full]


For more information about operations with TimeFinder/Mirror pairs, see the Solutions Enabler Symmetrix TimeFinder Family CLI Product Guide.




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