Splitting BCV Pairs Using SYMCLI



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Select TimeFinder Action: Managing TimeFinder with Solutions Enabler SYMCLI

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·             Splitting BCV Pairs. 4




·        Splitting BCV Pairs



Uses for BCV copies (TimeFinder mirroring) can include backup, restore, decision support, and application testing. After an establish operation and the standard device and BCV mirrors are synchronized, the BCV device becomes a mirror copy of the standard device. You can split the paired devices to where each holds separate valid copies of the data, but will no longer remain synchronized to changes when they occur.  


This procedure is based on content from the following EMC manual:

·         EMC Solutions Enabler Symmetrix TimeFinder Family Product Guide


You can download the guide from EMC Online Support (registration required): https://support.EMC.com




Split the BCV devices

To split all the BCV devices from the standard devices in the production device group, enter:


symmir –g DgName split


To split a specific standard/BCV pair, target the logical device name (e.g. DEV001) in the group, enter:


symmir –g DgName split DEV001




Verify the split operation completes

To verify when the BCV device is completely split from the standard, use the verify action as follows:


symmir –g DgName –i 10 verify –split -bg


With this interval and count, the message is displayed every 10 seconds until the pair is split.



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