Establishing BCV Pairs Using SMC



Managing TimeFinder


Select TimeFinder Action: Managing TimeFinder with Symmetrix Management Console (SMC)

Select a task: Managing TimeFinder/Mirror

Select a task: Establishing BCV Pairs




·             Establishing TimeFinder/Mirror BCV pairs. 3




·        Establishing TimeFinder/Mirror BCV pairs



This procedure explains how to create device pairs for TimeFinder/Mirror operations.

This procedure is from the SMC online help.



Open the dialog


Right-click the device group and select Replication, TimeFinder/Mirror to open the TimeFinder Wizard.



Select the Clone Type.



Edit Pairs

Click the Edit Pairs button.





Create Pairs

Optional: Use the Filters to populate the device lists with specific configurations, device emulation types, and/or device capacity sizes.


When you click on a STD device, the BCV devices that can be paired with that device display in the Target table. Select both the STD and BCV devices and click Add to move them to the Device Pair List.

Click Apply to save the device pairs and continue pairing devices; click OK when finished.




Select pairs

Select the Action Full Establish.

Select the device pairs or click Select All to select all pairs. Click Next.





Optional: Select any of the operation Options:

·          Protbcvest: Applies to two-way mirrored BCV devices. Moves all mirrors of the BCV device to join the mirrors of the standard device.

·          Reverse: Requests a verification check that the BCV’s fixed mirror has valid data. If at establish or restore time you anticipate a need to perform future BCV reverse split operations, you must apply a reverse establish or restore so that no invalid tracks on the fixed BCV mirror become used.

·          Force: Overrides any restrictions and forces the operation, even though one or more of the paired devices may not be in the expected state. Use caution when checking this option because improper use may result in data loss.

·          SymForce: Forces an operation on the device pair including pairs that would be rejected. Use caution when checking this option because improper use may result in data loss.




Click Finish.




View the session status

To view the status of the TimeFinder session, select the device group (in Properties view) and click the Mirror Query tab.


The key things to verify are the session State and the % Copied.




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