The Symmetrix model history began more than 20 years ago.

         The first Symmetrix was the model 4200. It appeared in 1990.

         The Symmetrix model 3 was announced in 1995.

         The Symmetrix 5500 introduced SRDF and Consistency Groups features.

         The Symmetrix 3000/5000 introduced TimeFinder and PowerPath features.

         The Symmetrix 8000 or Symm5 was the first Symmetrix to introduce DUAL bus architecture, providing redundancy in the path to memory.

         The Symmetrix DMX800 is an incrementally scalable, high-end storage array, which features modular disk array enclosures.

         The DMX 1-2 introduced the Direct Matrix Architecture storage array technology that employs a matrix of dedicated, serial point-to-point connections instead of traditional buses or switches.

         The Symmetrix DMX-4 uses redundant Global memory.

         The Symmetrix VMAX System was announced in 2009.

         The features include:

         Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP)

         New DARE encryption with RSA and non-disruptive data movement with Federated Live Migration The Symmetrix VMAXe series announced in 2011 provides a new entry point for companies looking to move into the high-end Symmetrix family.


1990 Symmetrix 4200 ICDA (Integrated Cached Disk Array) Technology, Total Capacity 24 GB

1991 Symmetrix 4200 4Mb DRAM, 5.25 HDAs, Mirroring RAID 1

1992 Symmetrix 4400 - - Dynamic Sparing, RMP Call Home

1993 Symmetrix 4800 16MB DRAM, 1 GB Global Memory,Non-disruptive microcode, Hypervolume Extension.

1994 Symmetrix 5500-3 SRDF

1995 Symmetrix 3.0 Open Symmetrix- FWD SCSI- attach, 3.5 HDAs, RAID Protection, SRDF Host Component, Symmetrix Manager

1996 Symmetrix ESP Mix CKD/FBA

1997 Symmetrix 4.0 TimeFinder, DataReach, InfoMover, Celerra, FDRSOS, Fibre Channel, PowerPath, UltraSCSI, DMSP

1998 Symmetrix 4.8 FC-AL/FC-SW, Symmetrix Optimizer

1999 Symmetrix 5.0 333 MHz PPC, 181 GB disks, QoS Controls

2000- Symmetrix 5.5 2 GB fibre Channel, 400 MHz PPC

2000-2001 Symmetrix DMX Direct Matrix, 500 MHz PPC, 2 GB FC, Back-End Parity RAID

2001 2002 Symmetrix DMX 2 GB FICON, Gigabit Ethernet SRDF, iSCSI, SRDF/A, TimeFinder/Snap

2003- Symmetrix DMX-2 1 Ghz PPC, RAID 5 Data Protection, 32 GB Memory Directors

2003-2004- Symmetrix DMX-2- SRDF Mode Change, Concurrent SRDF, SRDF/Star, TimeFinder/Clone, Open Replicator

2005 Symmetrix DMX-3 8 Processors/Directors, 1.3 GHz PPC, Low Cost FC Disks, Incremental Scalable, Upto 2400 disks, Open Migrator/LM

2005-2006 Symmetrix DMX-3 Dynamic Cache Partitioning, Symmetrix Priority Controls, Virtual LUN Technology, Symmetrix Service Credential, Tamper Proof Audit Logs, Secure Data Eraser, RAID 6 Protections.

2007- 2008 Symmetrix DMX-4 4GB/s Point to point Backend, FC & SATA Intermix, RSA enVision Intergration, Flash Drives, Virtual Provisioning Cascaded SRDF.