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·             Deleting a Port Group – Auto-provisioning Groups. 4




·        Deleting a Port Group – Auto-provisioning Groups



With the EMC Symmetrix VMAX systems, Enginuity 5874, Solutions Enabler V7.0, and Symmetrix Management Console (SMC) V7.0, there is a radically new approach to storage provisioning referred to as Auto-provisioning Groups. The core concept of Auto-provisioning Groups involves logically grouping related initiators (via an Initiator Group), front-end ports (via a Port Group), and storage devices (via a Storage Group) and creating views (known as Masking Views) that associate storage devices to front-end ports and initiators by performing the necessary device mapping and masking.


Individual components of Auto-provisioning Groups (Masking Views, Storage Groups, Initiator Groups, and Port Groups) can be deleted if they are no longer needed. This procedure outlines the steps for deleting a Port Group.


This procedure is based on content from the following EMC manual:

  • Storage Provisioning With EMC Symmetrix Auto-provisioning Groups Technical Note


You can download the technical note from EMC Online Support (registration required):




Log in to the Symmetrix Management Console  

From a Management Server, open a Web browser and point it to the following url: http://localhost:7070


You should see the EMC Symmetrix Management Console login screen, which looks something like this:



Enter the appropriate user name in the User Name field and the corresponding password in the Password field. When finished, left-click Login to complete the login process.




Delete the desired Port Group

Using the Navigation tree of the Symmetrix Management Console, expand both the object representing your Symmetrix array and the Symmetrix Masking folder. Then, expand the Port Groups folder to display a list of Port Groups available.


Right-click on the object representing the Port Group that is to be deleted and select Device Masking and Mapping, Port Group Maintenance, Delete Port Group… from the menus presented. (Refer to the following screen.)



Note: If the Port Group specified is associated with a valid Masking View, it cannot be deleted. A Masking View must be deleted before its associated Storage Group, Port Group, and Initiator Group can be deleted.




Confirm that the Port Group is to be deleted

When prompted to confirm your decision to delete the Port Group specified, click Yes to start the deletion process. (Refer to the following screen.)





Verify that the Port Group was deleted

Once the Port Group has been deleted, it should no longer appear in the list of Port Groups shown under the Port Groups folder.



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