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Preparation for Group Interview

Before you begin the interview introduce yourself politely to the other candidates. You will be observed from the word go

It is important to be seen as an active participant rather than merely an observer. Contribute your views and ideas while also listening to the other candidates

Appear confident but avoid coming across as aggressive

Avoid dominating the conversation and don't interrupt the other candidates

Make sure that you take criticism and give feedback constructively

Give praise when possible and acknowledge valuable contributions from other candidates

Avoid obvious power conflicts as these will make you appear uncooperative and unprofessional

Stay cool under stress

Be aware of your body language. This is something that will be carefully observed. Make sure you are sending the right non-verbal message

With many candidates all trying to contribute, someone may make your point first. If this happens, think of a statement that adds to this point. This demonstrates that you listen actively and think on your feet

Prepare meaningful questions to ask. You will be asked at some point if you have any questions and you will stand out from the other candidates if you have a planned list of insightful questions to ask

Do background research on the company to help you plan your questions and interview answers

Be aware of the interviewers throughout so you can catch any important cues

Send a thank you letter to each interviewer as soon as possible afterwards

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